RutaBikes, a bicycle world in Havana

Bicycles in a wonderful city and a passionate team coming together in a unique experience with Ruta Bikes in Havana.

Welcome to the rental shop and bike tours. RutaBikes started since 2013 offering bicycle rental. This venture soon evolved into running the Classic City Tour. We believe that we are the first bike business that has emerged in Havana since the opening of Cuba´s private sector. The founder, Ebert Trujillo, found his inspiration visiting cities of the world such as Buenos Aires, Delhi, Bern, Munich and Barcelona.

We are a small team of Cubans working intensively, and committed to developing our bike enterprise and seeing it grow. Each of our team brings relevant experience from diverse studies and professional past. We take our job very seriously, and we like to have fun while doing it. Our mission is making your trip toCuba memorable.

The RutaBikes’s tours

Each tour is authentic and unique. We need to “stand in your shoes”, understand your needs and combine this with our own tastes. That´s why designing a tours is challenging for us. The result is fantastic: An interesting outdoor activity that allows you to see Havana in a unique way from a bike seat.

Our customer’s reviews are excellent. They point to us as being a “homely team” and “great guides”. It will be fun for you to understand Cuban life. We have really good and funny tales to tell.

RutaBike’s bicycles

Most of our bicycles are second hand, but they are equipped with good components. It is impossible to buy new bikes that are good quality here in Cuba. As workers in the emerging private sector, we don’t have the ability to import. We get bicycles one by one thanks to foreign travelers, in local craigslist and by traveling to others countries.

We also have pedal-assisted e-bikes. These electric bikes give the cyclist an extra help – a push – to go uphill and to cycle into headwind. The engine, almost hidden, is pretty light to make long distances easier.

The bicycles are our world, within it we put all our effort into maintaining it well so that you can feel good.

Ruta Bikes’s shop

Ruta Bikes is located in 152, 16th Street, on the corner of 13th Street in Vedado (the most popular neighbourhood) in Havana. We are in a big house next to a parish church that was never-finished, opposite the “Vuelo Lam” park. On the left side of the property we have our shop and bike garage, also this is where our meeting point is located.