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Classic City Tour

Price: $30

Havana’s highlights: Vedado – El Bosque – Cemetery of Columbus – Revolution Square – Plaza Vieja Plaza San Francisco de Asís – Colonial Castles – Malecón

Our Classic City Tour is the most popular way to kick-start a visit in Havana. Riding a bicycle is the perfect way to get to know the city in little time. You’ll be taken on an authentic route that goes through the less-frequented avenues and populated alleys the real Cuba!

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We go through the authentic city, stopping at sites such as la Plaza de La Revolución, la Plaza Vieja, laPlaza San Francisco de Asís, elBosque de La Habana, elCementerio de Colón… to name just a few! After arriving at the historic town center, we take a 20-minute coffee break and then walk to the next square. We restart our ride to see several colonial forts along the bay and then finish the tour with a unique insight of Havana, biking on the Malecón seawall. On our way back, we will stop by a small juice shop in Vedado to grab a delicious and refreshing colourful fruitjuice.

Havana is a vibrant city that gives the impression of being stuck in time: its majestic buildings, lying in ruins, combined with its rich colonial and communist heritage, the hundreds of old cars lining the streets, and the sheer diversity of its inhabitants lend the city a magical energy.

Take this tour to get to know Cuban history and culture and take some great shots of the city while simultaneously gaining a good work-out. You’ll be guaranteed a good orientation in Havana and will receive recommendations as to the best things to do and see there for the rest of your stay.

Good to Know

  • Towards the end of our Classic City tour, the sun is getting strong. It is recommended to bring light clothing, long sleeves, use sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat (instead of a helmet, if you prefer it)
  • There will be a few short hills. Try them. Too hard? Don’t worry, you can walk. The guide will wait.
  • Large bags can be stored in our bikeshop during the tour.
  • Please don’t take pictures while driving. Wait for the stops. Don’t risk your health and holidays.
  • This tour is leaded in English or Spanish by our local guides.
  • Water will be provided, and you may choose to purchase additional drinks if you like.
  • At the Plaza Vieja square, in the historical center, we have 20 minutes for a drink  (not included in the price of the tour).
  • In Cuba there is no way for private local businesses like us to provide insurance of any kind. Tourists have the obligation to buy a medical insurance for their stay. This insurance will cover sudden illness and accident.
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